Why Does Phonalyzr on Android stop at 500 calls?

The Android OS only stores the 500 most recent phone calls in the call log. Since Phonalyzr doesn't store its own data, but relies on the OS, it will eventually reach this limit. Adding support for caching the call log and storing more than 500 calls isn't currently on the roadmap

Why Is Phonalyzr on Android Adware?

The Android Market allows only developers from certain countries to sell apps on the market. Unfortunately, developers from Canada cannot currently sell apps, so Google Adsense is the only way to support further development of the app. A paid version without ads and extra features will be available as soon as possible.

Where can I buy Phonalyzr Pro on the BlackBerry?

Phonalyzr Pro on the BlackBerry is available on BlackBerry App World for purchase in countries which support paid apps. If it is not currently available in your country, it will become available as soon as RIM enables purchases in those countries.